Musical Season 2021: What’s Happening?

Although Benet Academy’s musical season looks vastly different than ever before, the set crew for this spring’s musicals are still hard at work to create beautiful pieces. The set pieces for “She Loves Me” were each outlined by Señor Marth, Ms. Alcorn, and Mr. Wand at the very end of 2020 in early preparation for the musical. The Benet Theater Department is planning for the March musical of “She Loves Me” centered on a 1930s feel-good romance show that is a bit reminiscent of the 2018 musical “Hello Dolly!” In late May, another musical of “Little Shop of Horrors” will run with a different cast and genre of comedy and similar theme to last years’ “Addams Family”. The normal cast for a musical of 40 has been split into an even 20 for each show and the set pieces made for “She Loves Me” will be recycled for the next musical. This makes the beautiful lilac, robin’s egg blue, and banana yellow pieces wonderfully used again in May, just painted over to fit the needs of the “Little Shop” set. 

As the opening night of “She Loves Me” creeps closer and closer, the excitement is palpable in St. Daniels and the students are ready to put on yet another great Benet musical that we’ve missed in COVID times. It is surely not one musical to miss!! More updates and reviews on the musical to come in later weeks.