Orchesis Supports the Girls

Last month, the Benet Academy Orchesis Dance Company took on a new kind of project than their usual choreographing endeavors. After months of conceptualizing with the director of the company, Ms. Lauren, a couple of seniors were able to set up a collection for feminine products. After their collection, they planned to donate the products to I Support the Girls (ISTG) a nationwide and international charity. 

The concept for the drive first came after a student worried about how homeless people would be able to keep up with their hygiene without having access to public places like bathrooms. This student then considered what her existence would be like if she didn’t have the privilege her upbringing allowed her, which then led to her researching the cost of feminine products. She was shocked once she realized that there was absolutely no federal aid to help with feminine products, as they are not covered under food stamps. As Orchesis is a large organization that is largely comprised of females, this student considered it the perfect organization to sponsor her idea.

The drive ran during finals week, and Orchesis dancers were extremely generous in their donation of products. Some past alumni even supported the drive and donated. In total, Orchesis (an organization of 84) collected 3,400 feminine products. Ms. Kelsey Lauren, Orchesis director, said this about the project: “The Orchesis dancers did a fabulous job of team-bonding in a way that gives back to the community by facilitating the I Support the Girls feminine product drive.” One of the more generous donors, junior Chris Picchione, explained, “It brought awareness to an issue I don’t often think about, and it was great to give back to something that should be accessible for everyone.”

Although 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, it was heartwarming to see the Benet community try to find new ways to give back, even more so than the typical Christmas Drive. While it can be easy to forget about the privilege so many of us are lucky to have on a daily basis, giving back is always a nice reminder of all the blessings that God has given us.