Movie Mania: A New Kind of Movie Theatre

With the Tier III restrictions going into place in November, there were many lifestyle changes. One of these changes was the closing of movie theaters, similar to the beginning of the pandemic. However, the Christmas Drive brought a new movie viewing experience that could become a Benet fundraising tradition in the future – no matter what time of year!

Movie Mania took place this weekend, an opportunity to watch a Christmas movie with friends in a safe way for an entry fee of $5 that would go to the Christmas Drive. Students were socially distanced in St. Daniel’s Hall, but the experience was still enjoyable. Given the choice of a few different Christmas movies, Elf was the night’s winner, the classic Christmas film featuring Will Ferrell. Laughter abounded throughout the auditorium as classic scenes played across the screen: the mall Santa, the spaghetti, Santa’s sleigh crash.  

Although Movie Mania resembles the homecoming drive-in at the beginning of the year, this event could be profitable for SG all year long! Providing a cheap way to watch a movie with friends and selling concessions, especially when the pandemic is over, is a great fundraising opportunity for the Benet community. Whether or not the event continues, a huge thanks should be extended to SG for making this year memorable, even despite the complications. 

Speaking of concessions, polls will be featured on the Benet Herald website! Select your favorite Christmas movie and Christmas foods and drinks! Happy holidays from Benet Herald, and stay safe.