Benet’s New Philosophy Club

As Benet clubs have been adapting to the new ways of meeting and interacting, the newest clubs this school year have added unique additions to Benet’s growing community of clubs and organizations. One of the newest clubs, philosophy club, has been an interesting activity for students of all grade levels to join. 

As Senior leader Bryan Galang said, “the mission of philosophy-psychology club is to facilitate philosophical discussions about a wide range of ideas while analyzing the psychological aspects of human nature that influence those ideas.” Galang is a co-founder of the philosophy club with fellow Seniors Jimmy Kalal and Abby Doyle. All three leaders decided to start the club because they wanted to create a community of like minded thinkers and provide them with an opportunity to talk about their opinions and ideas. 

On normal in-person days, the club meets on Wednesdays at 7:15 in M124 (Mr. Maggio’s room). They meet once a week alternating weeks between A-K students and L-Z students. Be sure to look out for any virtual philosophy meetings over our quarantine period! This new club is yet another reminder of the great opportunities that are available at Benet- students are able to accomplish anything they put their mind to and Benet’s new philosophy club is sure to be a new club success!