Boys Soccer Team Crowned State Champions!

With a record of twenty-one wins, two ties, and only one loss, the Redwing boys soccer team had a spectacular season as a whole. The team proved itself throughout the tough state playoff and made it to the game that is every team’s end goal: the state championship. The fated game was to be played at Hoffman Estates High School on November 9 against the opposing team, Crystal Lake South. 

Player Hans Haenicke was thrilled with the win and described the game with one brief statement: “Benet outplayed Crystal Lake South and dominated.” The Redwings’ Sam Hepburn gave the team the lead by scoring the first goal. The defense stayed tough and did not give Crystal Lake South any chances. Goalie Vyto Staniskis was able to prevent all Crystal Lake goals, while the rest of the Benet defenders aided in shutting down their opponents. 

As for the Redwing offense, Hans Haenicke scored a second goal, giving Benet a two to nothing lead. A fast paced team kept constant pressure on Crystal Lake South, and they won at the point of attack in midfield. 

The combination of a rock solid defense and a quick striking offense gave the Redwings the advantage as they won State 2-0. This was the first state title for the boys soccer team in eighteen years. Everyone on the team gave it their all, and the results showed. Just like the many State Champions Benet has had this year, the boys soccer Redwings outplayed their competition in a brilliant fashion and secured the ultimate prize. The team has cemented themselves in school history and will enjoy their space in the rafters of St. Ronald Gymnasium.