Redwings for Life (Week)

Jannette Kazlauskas ‘20, SALT & Benedictine Editor

Benet Academy has had a strong tradition of upholding and supporting the dignity and right to life for all. Each year during the last week of October, Redwings unite for the pro-life cause. October 29 through November 2 was Life Week, and the Benet community came together with lots of energy and excitement.

Each day of Life Week, one student would lead the school in a prayer that focused on a pro-life related topic, ranging from supporting every stage of life to celebrating the beauty of life. To kick off Life Week on Monday, students stood outside with signs to lead the “Honk for Life”. Cars that passed the students would honk in support for mothers and babies in need. It raised the excitement and got the ball rolling for a fun-filled week.

On Tuesday, students led a “Rosary for Life” in every homeroom which focused on the dignity of all life from conception to natural death. SALT also hosted guest speaker, Mary Kate Knorr, from Illinois Right to Life. Knorr spoke on pro-life and politics, and how one can make a positive difference within their own community.

On Wednesday, students could wear a blue or pink hoodie for a $2 donation. All of the money was donated to Waterleaf, a clinic in Aurora that supports women in need. After school, students gave out lollipops imprinted with baby feet that came attached with a story of how the pro-life cause has affected a birth mother.

Thursday was an All School Mass for All Saints Day. SALT spent homerooms and lunches sidewalk-chalking the outside of Benet, writing uplifting messages and quotes regarding the beauty of life.

The end of the week started on a high note with a 7:10 a.m. Mass on Friday. After the service, students were given blue and pink holy hotcakes, which were prepared specifically for Life Week. The day was a Feel Good Friday, as students were able to participate in a slop day for a $5 donation. Life-themed songs played in between periods throughout the day. SALT athletes led a game of dodgeball during each homeroom period. All of the money collected was donated to Waterleaf as well as a women’s center in LaGrange.

Life Week was a successful and powerful week that inspired and educated the student body on the severity of abortion. The work of all of the SALT members and volunteers who organized Life Week helped its events transpire smoothly. Benet now gears towards March for Life in January in its next effort to spread a pro-life message.