Cellos, Violas, and Violins: The Fall Orchestra Concert


Kiki Sobkowiak

The Benet Academy orchestra plays at their first concert of the year.

On October 11, Benet Academy orchestra students graced listeners with a lovely collection of songs. This was the year’s first show after only six weeks of practice. The opening song, “Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, Movement 1,” was a lively string medley with seemingly effortless precision. Many songs, such as “Forgive Us Lord” and “Autumn, Movement 1,” contained light and dark themes that sounded like the instruments were conversing. However, orchestra members spoke in notes and rhythms instead of words and expressions. In this way, the players were speaking a different language. In Kevin Hernandez and Mina Chang’s final piece, “Passacaglia,” audience members felt the argument the strings had. Chang, concertmaster, said, “I felt like this concert cycle felt a lot different from ones in the past. I think the selection of a more challenging repertoire really contributed to the overall motivation and energy of the ensemble. Since our orchestra combines so many different skill levels, it was important to feature all of them [with the ensemble pieces].” Mrs. Semanik, orchestra conductor, said the final piece was the most difficult with the rapid tempo and detailed notes. Luckily, all the hard work paid off as listeners thoroughly enjoyed the epic grand finale, “Symphony No. 25.”