A Review of the One Act Plays


Valerie Figueroa

A group of students shows the audience their choreographed performance at BTA’s One Act Plays.

The One Act Play Showcases took place on September 23 and 24. The plays had a variety of acts, including student-directed plays and several choreographed dancing and singing performances. All of these acts were performed and directed by only students. During every performance, creativity and talent were visible. Each act was unique and special because all the students’ creativity came to life.

The night’s opener was a performance by over twenty students and directed by Colby Materson and Jackson Wand. It was a lively performance, setting expectations even higher for the rest of the acts. Director Jackson Wand said, “it was really fun working with people with different talents from dancing to singing.” 

Other songs such as “Breathe” from In the Heights, “No Reason,” from Beetlejuice, and “The Schuyler Sisters” from Hamilton, along with many other songs, were such unique tributes. All of the efforts of the singers paid off because the audience loved them all.

“The Bagel Club,” directed by Erin Crowe, was the night’s showstopper. It was funny but also performed beautifully. The actors Jack Kaufman, Ellie Beck, and Benjamin McKendall brought out all the emotions in this short act. The act was about a bagel club disbanding because someone brought coffee to the meeting. Two members did not think it was right for the person to bring coffee, yet the member who brought it thought it added to the club. Starring actor Jack Kaufman said, “it was hard to figure out a schedule, but the overall experience was really good.” All the actors brought out all the stops and kept everyone entertained for the entire duration.

Another crowd favorite is, “I’m just digging a hole in the woods at 2 A.M…No reason. Why do you ask?” directed by Eli Ho. The play was about two girls in the woods at 2 A.M. One girl is digging a hole while the other stands and questions why she is digging it. This act was unexpected and made everyone laugh. The props were a nice touch and the dynamic of the entire performance was well done.

Overall, it was fun to watch all the students come together and see them show off their many talents. The One Act Plays were a must-see for everyone of all ages. At Benet Academy, the theatre department is a fantastic representation of diverse talents, from acting and singing to even tap dancing.