BTA Showcase: Creating Joy During a Pandemic

During these unprecedented times, students have sacrificed much of their lives. The pandemic has changed many aspects of what we consider normal. However, the theatre and music departments were able to bring some normalcy to Benet by creating a socially-distanced, outdoor showcase. Benet students put together and directed various acts: singing performances, monologues, and One Act Plays.. The students rehearsed for about three weeks, practiced projecting through their masks, and worked together to create an incredible show. The performances were held outside of St. Daniel Hall and each audience member was able to enjoy the show on socially-distanced spots while wearing masks. 

The audience members were not the only ones who enjoyed the show; the students were grateful to have an opportunity to perform again and had a blast doing so. Diana McGrath, a senior who performed a song from Six: The Musical with her friends, said, “The BTA showcase was a great start for the theatre department this school year! Performers of all grade levels put together their own student run/directed productions. It was awesome having the chance to collaborate with my peers and start the year off strong with a performance outside of St. Daniel Hall.” Kelly Chism, a director for the One Act Plays, said, “The performances went really well for all the acts and I hope to perform outside again! Directing a one act my senior year was very exciting and I’m glad it’s something I got to be a part of.” 

It was incredible to see the Benet students bringing joy and entertainment to the school while collaborating in a responsible manner. After months of isolation, the BTA showcase was a great opportunity to unite and celebrate the Benet community. Hopefully, the students will have the opportunity to showcase their talents and perform again soon.