Farewell Readers


Hello Redwings!
As this school year comes to its conclusion, it is with heavy hearts that we close the books and resign from these past four years of work with the Benet Herald. I do not think that anyone would have predicted this unforeseen ending, but we can both say that it does not take away from–but rather enriches–all that we have gotten to experience within the walls of Benet. These past four years have abounded with moments that contributed to making us the people we are today as well as teachers and classmates who inspired, uplifted, and encouraged us. Not a single moment walking the halls of Benet was wasted, and it has been with great pleasure that we have led the Benet Herald this past year. This year’s board was filled with witty, bright, talented individuals who came ready to share and write on what their hearts were passionate about.
We have spent many hours dedicating our time to this wonderful newspaper, and it has been our utmost joy to share it with the greater Benet community. It has, without a doubt, been one of the highlights of our high school experience as it gifted us an opportunity to delve into a community of diverse and creative writers. It has prepared us to go into college with a spark for journalism and an ability to convey our ideas through the written word. It is not easy to retire from the Benet Herald, and Benet as a whole, but it has been a fulfilling journey from our first newspaper meeting to the very last. Benet is a perennial home, and what we have learned will preside in our hearts for the years to come. Many thanks to everyone who has made these years what they have been and a special note of appreciation for all our dedicated head editors and writers, as well as our two moderators– Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Nadolski. Though this goodbye is unprecedented, it is no less filled with the sincerest gratitude and celebration of what we had.
Jannette Kazlauskas & Margot Striegel
Co-Editors-in-Chief, 2019-2020