Spikeball Club: Building friendships one hit at a time

Jacob Infante ‘19, Co-Editor in Chief

The rapidly growing game of Spikeball has made its way to Benet Academy. Spikeball Club, the newest club the school has to offer, provides students the opportunity to get some exercise, build teamwork, and meet new friends. Founded by senior Lauren Remmes, the club meets every Monday after school.

“I decided to create the club because I wanted to bring Spikeball to my classmates at Benet,” Remmes told the Benet Herald. “Spikeball is a growing sport and a very engaging extracurricular activity that all are invited to be a part of.”

Spikeball is traditionally played with two teams of two players. One player serves the ball, which is roughly the size of a softball, to the player on the other team who is directly opposite from them. Each team is then given as many as three tries to spike the ball onto a net. One player cannot hit the ball twice in a row; they must pass the ball to a teammate if they choose not to hit it onto the net. A team can score if they hit the ball past their opponents, or if the other team either hits the ball on the rim of the net, gets the ball stuck on the net for more than one bounce, or hits the ball on the ground before reaching the net. The first team to score 21 points wins.

“Spikeball is an excellent way to get exercise in a fun and competitive way while meeting new kids from all different grade levels,” Mr. Jake Fitzgerald, the club’s teacher moderator, explained. “Regardless of ability, all students are welcome.”

Spikeball is a very easy game to learn, and it helps students blow off some steam after a long day at school. The social nature of the sport encourages communication and helps build friendships.

“Everyone who participated had a great experience, and our numbers grow every week that we meet!” Mr. Fitzgerald said. “There will always be room for anyone that wants to participate!”