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Halloween: A Film Forty Years in the Making

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Halloween: A Film Forty Years in the Making

Caitlyn Allen ‘19, Sports Section Editor

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Michael Myers has returned, forty years after his last murder spree on All Hallow’s Eve.  The masked serial killer makes one final appearance in the 2018 sequel to the 1978 classic. The film was released on October 25 to much anticipation, as the Halloween franchise is one of the most extensive and beloved of the horror genre. It picks up with Michael Myers, currently retained in a correctional facility, being transferred to a more secure facility for future detainment. The bus he travels on crashes, and the inmates escape in an extremely bloody manner. Myers then hijacks a pickup truck and tracks down his infamous mask, which is in the possession of two investigative journalists who had visited Michael before his escape in order to write a story about him. After dispatching these poor bystanders in a gruesome manner, he sets off to track down and kill the one victim who escaped in his original rampage: Laurie Strode. After targeting Laurie’s family, including her daughter and granddaughter, Myers confronts the girl who lived at her fortified home in the woods for a climatic showdown.

    Nine years after the second film in the attempted reboot of the series, Halloween II, Halloween made its appearance and scared off the box office competition. This film had the biggest opening weekend for a slasher movie in history, conjuring up $77.5 million throughout 3,928 locations. In addition, this movie also had the biggest turnout for a female lead over the age of 55, an enormous accomplishment for Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Laurie Strode. Directors Jason Blum and John Carpenter, the mastermind behind both the film and music of the 1978 classic, collaborated to put this horror together, and the result did not disappoint, as the film tried to stay true to the original while carrying the series forward to a strong conclusion that was forty years in the making.

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Halloween: A Film Forty Years in the Making