Christmas Goals and Traffic Controls

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Benet classics like Christmas Drive shopping, Mr. Stracco’s whipped cream shots, and the ping pong tournament will never grow old but sitting in long traffic lines does. The roads surrounding Benet are often backed up due to hundreds of students and parents trying to filter into two entrances. Benet deans, Ms. Meagan Carlevato and Mr. Joe Cabay, decided to take action and meet with the Lisle police. The police suggested allowing students to enter via the back entrance, which was previously restricted to teacher and bus use only. Many teachers were wary that it would be difficult having students join them in this way. The trial allowed students to enter through the back only in the mornings and lasted until Friday, December 15.
Benet students, teachers, and parents are loving this new entrance pattern, and the results have been great. The wait to enter Benet is no longer terrible but much more manageable. For now, we will wait to see if Benet announces any further changes for traffic control, and if this pattern will become permanent.

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