How to Make a Club: Bringing New Clubs to Benet

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There are so many clubs at Benet, and perhaps even more importantly there are so many students with great ideas for new clubs. But one question that is often asked is, “How would one go about forming a new club?” The answer is simpler than one might think.

Here are the 5 steps to forming a Benet Academy Club:

1. Come up with an idea for a new and original club.

2. Find a teacher who would be willing to moderate.

3. Pick up a form in the Dean’s Office. On this form there are questions about the logistics of the club, the goal of the club, and how the club will help improve the Benet community as well as a petition requiring the signatures of 20 students interested in joining the club.

4. The completed form must be submitted to Ms. Carlevato, who will bring it up at the next administrative meeting.

5. If the new club is approved, then the process is complete and a new club has been successfully added to Benet’s roster!

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