To Be A Protector- Diversity Leasership Council

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On October 13 the Diversity Leadership Council welcomed guest speaker Ron Joseph of Benet’s class of 1996 to their morning meeting. Joseph came to speak about how he faced adversity within these school walls during his high school years. He was born in Chicago and moved out the suburbs right before starting high school. Joseph, who is of Indian descent, described the diversity of Benet to be the same as it is today. He explained himself to be quiet during high school. Whether that be his nature or because he saw himself as different, he does not know.
He shared that Diversity Leadership Council would have given him a place to be comfortable. The club’s presidents, Izabel Melgoza and Grace Gardiner, strive to do just that. Diversity Leadership Council, or DLC, is a club that seeks to inform Benet students about the beauty of culture. Within the club, members listen to talks on treating others with respect, learn about cultural leaders from around the world, and dive into what it means to stand up for others in the community around them.
Ron Joseph encourages the DLC to be linemen, to be protectors. He asked them to reach out to their classmates in need and to stand up for what they know to be true. Heritage and culture are wonderful, and. Joseph urges Benet students to be the active leaders that the school needs. It is not always going to be easy, but it is always going to be necessary.

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