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“Born to Be Wild” Comes to Benet Academy!

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The curtain dances slowly, pulling back to open the stage. The house lights dim gradually, bathing the stage in a layer of gold. Music filters in steadily, inviting audiences into the jungle.

Welcome to Born to Be Wild, playwright Bryan Starchman’s look into the world of our favorite creatures. Follow a couple of chatty cats on their can-opening adventures. Journey with man’s best friend in her quest to become the fiercest guard dog- if only for the play in the park. Join a family of deer as they fulfill a sacred part of the Deer Code and instill fear into those pesky humans.

The show contains ten hilarious one acts featuring several animals. From flamingos to farm animals, audiences will enjoy the witty humor and the extravagant costumes from this year’s spring play.

Matthew Durek (‘17) said, “It’s all about showing what animals would be like if they could talk to each other like humans. Not only is this play filled with many witty puns, the ridiculous costumes that are in this production are in and of themselves hilarious. The overall goal of this play is quite literally is to be over the top. It would be pretty ridiculous to observe two mantises on a date with the female’s only intention being to devour the head of the male or to realize that bat parents, too, have to deal with rebellious teenagers exploring various ways of life and meeting new people all through the filter of animal bias and comedic instinct of the actors. I am quite happy that I am ending my acting years at Benet on a light-hearted note and cannot wait to see the play’s fruition!”

The performance is also the final salute for three seniors: Ethan Bayer, Matthew Durek, and Justin Smusz.

Bayer has participated in every production of the drama troupe possible throughout his four years. His favorite show was Almost Maine, in which he enjoyed “how the show was a bunch of vignettes about people falling in or out of love in very comedic ways.” Bayer joked, “I also like this show because I got to kiss a senior when I was a sophomore, and I got to be hit with an ironing board about three times per show.” Being part of theater has helped him to “be more expressive and open and to be more comfortable.” On his experience at St. Daniel hall, he said, “I like being a Daniel’s kid because it means that I have an amazing family of all the other Daniel’s kids who I can talk to anytime about anything, and this family will always love me.”

Durek has performed in several shows and is known for adding a comedic flavor to the troupe. Although Durek has become somewhat of an infamous name at the academy, he has found a family at St. Daniel hall, “Being a Daniel’s kid is much like being a part of a normal theatre troupe. Your background, age, or past don’t really matter. People of all kinds work together and become friends, regardless of class, due to a singular goal- putting on a fantastic show together. In order to accomplish something like that, a certain synergy is required to cooperate, one that I have grown to love and thrive in at Daniel’s hall.”

Smusz is a legend at Benet Academy, a triple plus threat in the theatrical world. Whether it be directing a play or the choir, singing in a gorgeous falsetto, rocking out to a juke-box beat, capturing a photograph, or choreographing a dance. Justin excels in all aspects of theatre. Although he will be missed by the St. Daniel family, he will continue to bless the world with his talent by studying theatre at Indiana University.

So come see these fantastic seniors, as well as the other 17 members of this large cast, April 28 and 29 at 7 p.m. and April 30 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $5 and will be sold at all lunch periods and at the door.

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“Born to Be Wild” Comes to Benet Academy!