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Diversifying Benet Academy?

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Our society is built on diversity as each of person maintains their own unique characteristics and backgrounds. The newest club at Benet Academy is helping prepare students to enter into this ever changing and diverse world. This new club is called the Diversity Leadership Council. The Diversity Leadership Council is at the forefront of helping Benet Academy students learn more about the diversity that is growing in our society through community outreach and leadership development. The club also maintains cultural awareness within Benet Academy.

You may be asking yourself, “How can I become more involved with this movement?” The Diversity Council has its meetings biweekly at 7:10 on Friday mornings in room M26. The Council was founded by juniors Isabel Melgoza, Grace Gardner, and Olivia Johnson. They were inspired to form this club because of their awareness that the world is becoming more diverse, and they want to help students better understand the vast diversities that are present at Benet Academy. Carrying out this idea was not easy and would not be possible without the assistance of Mrs. Kathleen Haas, who the members of the Diversity Leadership Council are extremely grateful. The Diversity Leadership Council carries out the aspiration to educate students on the ideas of diversity through a variety of activities in which they learn about the traditions and customs of other cultures. The meetings revolve around one of the three following ideas: cultural awareness in the Benet Community, community outreach, and leadership development. Diversity Leadership Council is continuing to expand and is hoping to be able to educate Benet students not only through activities but also through guest speakers, attending conferences, service opportunities, and learning from the Benet community about students own personal journeys with diversity. Society is diverse and is becoming more and more diverse each and everyday, so in order to best prepare students on how to interact with those of various different ethnic, political, cultural, and racial identities, the Diversity Leadership Council is bringing students in contact with the rapidly diversifying culture we live in today and will live in in the future.

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Diversifying Benet Academy?