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Taking Benet Academy by Storm, One Calf at a Time: A Mad Kibs

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Remember Mad Libs? The Benet Herald has decided to make a spin off of Mad Libs and created Mad Kibs. Visit the library anytime this week to fill out a copy of the very first original Mad Kibs. The funniest and most uniqe submission will receive a price!

One Tuesday, Mr. Kibs decided to run ________(adverb) around the school. He was wearing his favorite __________ (color) shoes and decided to run to __________ (a Benet hall) first. Knowing his best friend _________________ (a teacher’s name) had class at this time, he decided to drop by. ______________ (Same teacher as before) was lecturing about ____________ (plural noun), specifically _______(shape) shaped ones. After _______ (adverb) reminding the class that “Studying is futile, failure is inevitable.” It was time to feed the aliens in Benet ______ (number). These aliens had a specific diet. Since they were lactose intolerant, they could only eat __________ (verb ending in -ing) students. After making sure the aliens were well fed, Mr. Kibs jogged ______ (adverb) through ________ (Benet hallway) and noticed a student with his shirt untucked. Instead of writing a detention like normal, he decided this student deserved way more because of his _____(number) day streak. This student was going to __________________(verb) in St. Daniel hall for the whole entire school, _________ (plural noun) included. This would take place tomorrow at ______(time). Until then, Kibs ran to Martin’s basement to visit ___________ (language teacher name). Finishing his run, Kibs visited one last class, his favorite class _______(subject) with ________(teacher). Fist bumps went all around. Who’s ready for bonus points? What state is represented by lifting your hand? ________(State). When the bell rang, it was time to go to Mr. Kibs’ sixth period World History class. Truly, Mr. Kibs has taken Benet Academy by storm, one calf at a time.

A Comprised List of Fill Ins
A Benet hall
Plural noun
Verb ending in -ing
Language Teacher

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Taking Benet Academy by Storm, One Calf at a Time: A Mad Kibs