The Orchesis Showcase


Krista Sobkowiak

The 2022-2023 Orchesis Dance Company poses for a group photo.

On November 18, 19, and 20, the 6th Annual Orchesis Showcase at Benet Academy took place and included 41 mostly student-created dances. These dances had styles ranging from contemporary to musical theater and even Irish dancing. 

However, unlike other showcases in years past, this one occurred much early in the year, but with a similar rehearsal schedule. Mrs. Kelsey Lauren Peceniak, the Artistic Director of Orchesis Dance Company, said, “The orchesis rehearsal season ran fantastically organized and more condensed to allow the dancers to be focused on Orchesis than Orchesis and the numerous other activities these dancers are involved in.” Moreover, Peceniak also reflected how there is a throughline of positivity throughout what all the dancers are doing.

Members of the Orchesis Dance Company also reflected the same feelings as Peceniak. Sophomore Diya Patel, also involved in Junior Varsity Avions, said, “[After] working for such a long time for something, I am so glad to be able to show it to people finally. The feeling of being on stage when the lights turn on is unreal.” 

Since the beginning of the school year, these student choreographers and dancers have worked on their future performances. Then, after a jam-packed week of tech rehearsals, the Orchesis showcase was ready to begin. Many family and friends of dancers came to Benet Academy to watch the dancers. Freshman Grace Jermak, who came to watch a few of her friends, reflected on the Orchesis Showcase and said, “I love the Orchesis Showcase. There were so many intriguing and different dances that allowed everyone to show their individual talent. The costumes and themes of the dances were very creative.” 

The end of the Orchesis Showcase was Jermak’s favorite part of the night which was a tribute to the seniors. This included a slideshow dedicated to them and their ending dance called “Gone, Gone, Gone.” Jermak said, “It was filled with a wide range of emotions and showed great unity between all the seniors. The dance ended with all the seniors going into a hug, and it made me feel a bit sad for them because it was their last time dancing on stage together.” 

Overall, audience members and dancers loved the Orchesis Showcase. “I feel truly blessed at the end of every showcase,” said Peceniak, “Watching as work these dancers and choreographers put into their dances pays off by the deserved applause from their audiences.”