Benet Academy Theater Presents Falls into Place


Caroline Acuff

Angela LaGambina (Helen Tremaine), Jacob Crockett (Clive Tremaine), and Doug Knapp (Roland Tremaine) stand on stage in the apartment set.

On November 11 through 13, Benet Academy’s Theater Association performed the 2022 fall play. The story called Falls into Place by Stan Thompson is a thrilling murder mystery directed by Mr. Leffler was set in June 1960 in Brighton, England. 

The story involves Roland Tremaine (Doug Knapp), his wife Helen Tremaine (Angela LaGambina), and his brother Clive Tremaine (Jacob Crockett). After visiting Roland and Helen’s new penthouse apartment, Clive offers to give Helen a ride to the train station so she can visit her mother. However, before they reach their destinations, both bodies are found dead, pinning Roland as the main suspect. After being promised a call upon Helen’s arrival at her mother’s house, Roland began worrying when more than her expected travel time had passed, and still no call had come. He tried calling his wife’s mother, who was surprised and said that Helen had still not arrived. Detectives began investigating the case and interviewing Roland in his home, turning this into a full-on investigation. What was truly going on? Did some past enemy murder Roland’s wife and brother? Did Roland do it and try to cover up his worry? Or was something bigger going on?

The play’s cast captured both the attitude of the 1960s and the thrilling nature of a murder mystery but was also able to maintain a light and happy energy within the story. The acting was very entertaining and well practiced, despite the short time to prepare. The dedication and effort all members of the cast and crew put in to bring this show to life were evident, and some of the actors used unexpected tactics to improve their performance. Junior Doug Knapp, who portrayed Roland Tremaine, said, “I quite enjoyed performing in the fall play. Preparing took a lot of work with the short time to learn my lines but making a Quizlet and going through it once a day helped greatly. Once I had my lines down, I was able to give my blocking more attention which made everything fall into place.” 

The show also had very well made and interactive sets, designed with the help of set design leader Señor Marth and the committed set construction crew. The set featured a detailed creation of the Tremaines’ apartment and could be moved and readjusted easily. Specific features included convenient entrances and exits for the actors, a large functioning clock, furniture that brought to life the feel of a home, and more, not missing any details. The costumes worn by the actors in the play were also very detailed, reflecting with accuracy the trends of the sixties. 

This year’s fall play was well done, which sets a promising stage for the 2023 spring play and the future of Benet Academy theater. Benet Academy student and audience member Debbie Cruger said, “I was blown away by how well the play was done with the short time they had to prepare. It seemed like months of work had been put in.” The music department at Benet Academy is one of the most well-versed and talented of its peers, never failing to entertain and amaze the Benet Academy community.