Political Club During Election Season

Now more than ever, the Benet Political Club is bustling with meeting topics during these trying times and this complex election season. Since the beginning of the year, the club has hosted discussions on the political compass, the Supreme Court nomination, the Presidential Debate, and a review of the two presidential nominees. Co-President Kylie Flynn ‘21 says this year’s meetings have consisted of “exciting debates, riveting discussions, and wonderful snacks”. Political Club serves as an avenue for students who are passionate about politics to connect with one another and share their points of view. Co-President Joe Mekhail ‘21 testified to this saying, “Political Club has been a great way to respectfully discuss and learn from one another about the different issues prevalent in society”. 

The club’s meeting times vary from every week to every other week, depending on the topics presented. Meetings occur at the end of each week, i.e. Thursday (A-K) and Friday (L-Z) or vis-a-versa. Posters are made for each meeting by Media Director Ricky Maleczka ‘21 and contain all of the meeting’s vital information. Club members are also notified for each meeting via email by Vice President Allison Penn ‘21 so be sure to contact her if you are interested in hearing more about the club!

Political Club meetings will continue to cover the pressing issues facing our country before, during, and after the 2020 election.