Changes in Benet Sacraments

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes to the halls of Benet Academy, including changes to the way Benet celebrates the sacraments. Due to social distancing guidelines, Benet is unable to celebrate all-school masses, as there is no space big enough to hold the entire student body with six feet of distance between each attendee. However, Benet’s mission to bring the sacrament to its students has not been neglected. At the beginning of the school year, all Benet students attended a mass with their religion classes in the chapel. While all of Benet was not able to gather around the sacrament, this offered students the chance to go to mass with their classmates and receive the Eucharist. Daily masses are also still being offered in the chapel and students are able to attend every day before school at 7:10 or during their homeroom period on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

The sacrament of reconciliation is still being offered, but with some adjustments. Benet is forgoing the use of confessionals to prevent prolonged exposure to others in a confined space. Confessions are being heard in classrooms and the SALT office, with both face to face and traditional options available to students.