What’s New in Broadway in Chicago?

This year, many Tony Award-winning musicals are making their appearance at famous Chicago theatres like the Oriental and the Cadillac. Some of these musicals are not shown in the media quite as much as Dear Evan Hansen or Hamilton, but they are all amazing nonetheless. Here is a brief explanation of some Tony Award-winning and Tony Award-nominated musicals coming to Chicago this season:

Once on this Island
This musical won the 2018 Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical. It tells a story about a brave peasant girl named Ti Moune who lives on an French Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. Guided by the Gods on her island, she tries to use to power of love to unite the social classes of her community through love. This musical will be in town from January 21 to February 2, 2020, so it is important to buy tickets before they are all sold-out. 

My Fair Lady
Next year, My Fair Lady is coming March 24 through April 12, 2020. It tells of a story Eliza Doolittle who is taking speech lessons from Henry Higgins, so she may pass as a lady. This musical is based off the book by Frederick Loewe and is a tale for all to love. My Fair Lady won six Tony Awards, including: Best Musical, Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical, and Best Costume Design. It’s certainly a performance that the theatre connoisseur won’t want to miss. 

This exciting new musical tells the story of the six wives of King Henry the Eighth. The untold stories of these six women are told through pop-styled music and dance. Although this musical is not Tony Award-winning or nominated, its album has been streamed an average of 300,000 times a day, causing it to be the second-highest streamed cast recording in the world. Six will be coming to Chicago July 8 through October 25, 2020. 

The Devil Wear Prada
This musical, making its run from July 14 to August 16 next year, is based on the popular movie that tells a story of a young writer, Andy, who receives a job at a prestigious magazine company. However, she finds herself the assistant of an unpleasant editor, Miranda Priestly. After the brutal days she takes from Miranda, she finds herself caught between her dreams and reality. This cast is filled with Tony-winning and Tony-nominated actors and actresses. Although these tickets are not available just yet, be sure to keep a close eye on them because Broadway tickets sell out incredibly fast.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical
This musical, making its debut on December 17, 2020, includes a star-studded cast. The musical features many Tony Award Winning and Tony Award Nominated actors and actresses. The musical, based on the book published in 1950 by Pierre La Mure, is set in Montmartre Quarter in Paris during the turn of the century. The show tells the tragic love story of Christian, a man who is in love with Satine, a singer at the Moulin Rouge. However, Satine’s manager has promised the Duke Satine’s hand in marriage in return for funding their next production. Although she’s seeing the Duke, she continues to see Christian and hides the deadly secret from both of them. This romantic tale of love and loss will be one of the most exciting shows of the year, so be sure to mark your calendars for when tickets go on sale!