Muse has returned for another school year! With senior Mia Huerta and juniors Claire Ann Santos, Sasha Gonçalves-Zitzow, and Gaby Mendoza leading, the Muse Literary Club is bound to have creative new ideas and activities this year.

Now, you might be wondering: what exactly is Muse? It is a club that allows creative writers to foster their ideas and share short stories, poems, scripts, and the like in a small, intimate group. Not only does it help enrich young authors’ writing, but it also gives an opportunity for their work to be submitted into contests including the prestigious Scholastic Art and Writing Awards as well as Muse’s very own competitions such as the Scary Story Contest. Muse has a history of winners such as alumni Gina Wiste (‘19) who attended the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards almost every year of her Benet career.  Wiste even took home a gold medal at the prestigious event held at Carnegie Hall.  

Finally, the crown jewel of the club is the annual Literary Magazine. Each year, Muse compiles the entries submitted from across the school, diligently entering each work into the magazine. After all of that is done, the Muse leaders and moderators, Mrs. Lori Rogalski and Mrs. Ashley Alcorn, come together to review and award the best story, poem, and photo to the authors. When the long two month period comes to a close, the magazine is ready to be sold to the public, each page made with love and pride. 

Muse is an excellent place to come to express the creative writer inside of you. With the Creative Writing class unavailable this school year, Muse allows you to explore who you are and who you want to be in this world.