The BTA Branches Out

The newly established Benet Theatre Association (BTA) had a busy summer. The BTA held theatre workshops every Thursday evening in which students with a passion for the arts were encouraged to attend. Improv games, dance workouts, and fun-filled group skits were just a few of the many theatre-based activities students enjoyed at the workshops! Unlike the Benet Drama troupe who performs primarily for the Benet community of parents and students, the BTA performs for grammar schools.

The BTA is also preparing for their first live performance of The Quiltmaker’s Gift, taking place in mid-September for the Theater for Young Audiences. The Theatre for Young Audiences is an organization made for elementary and middle school students interested in learning what the world of performing arts has to offer. Leaders of the BTA hope that when the Theatre for Young Audiences sees their show, it will inspire them to pursue music, specifically at Benet. The BTA is hopeful that if middle school students are given the opportunity to see a Benet Academy production, they will help fill the St. Daniel stage in the future. “[We are] hoping to inspire young people to get involved in theatre and provide an exciting source of entertainment,” said sophomore and BTA member Chris Picchione.

What makes this play so valuable to the members of the BTA? It is entirely student created, directed, and performed. In addition to learning about how it all comes together on stage, the students are also learning what goes on behind the scenes during a performance. Kelly Chism, a sophomore, describes the rewarding experience: “[It is] a lot of work, but we’re all having so much fun doing it.” The Benet Theatre Association has weekly meetings, and they are always looking for new members! To join the club and receive updates, text @yesandbta to 81010.