Spring into Music: A Recap of the Spring Choir Concert

Catherine and Claire Bosch (19 and 20), School News Section Editor and Writer

As spring slowly creeps around the corner, you can’t alway count on the weather being consistent, but one thing that is never fickle is the hard work of Benet’s choirs. Just before the start of their spring breaks, these young vocalists presented the products of their months of hard work in their third concert of the year.

As always, the freshman chorus opened the concert. They began with a standard Latin song called “Cantate Domino,” a simpler piece that really allowed the chorus to hone their skills and grow as an ensemble. This was followed by a beautiful Sephardic lullaby, “Durme, Durme.” They closed their portion of the concert with “Bonse Aba,” a fun and upbeat Zambian song. “Praise the Lord” saw the combination of the freshman and sophomore tenors and basses to sing a song based on Psalm 150. The men were followed by the freshman and sophomore sopranos and altos who performed “Alleluia.” This allowed the women to experiment with four part harmonies and singing with limited accompaniment, as the only support they had was from Andrew McDonald, Michael Okrzesik, and Caleb Quick on percussion.

    The sophomore chorus began their portion of the concert with “Let the Music Dance.” This song, though contemporary, was written in the Madrigal style of the Middle Ages and served as a useful preparation for sophomore who want to try out for Benet’s Madrigals at the end of the year. “Ose Shalom” was a piece written in the Jewish style that was made even more spectacular thanks to the accompaniment of Amelia Simpson on the violin, Michaela Delaney on the clarinet, and Mia Rogalski on the cello. They closed the program with “I’m Going There,” a song sophomore Kaitlin Cunningham described as “an upbeat spiritual that was just so much fun to sing”.

    The Madrigals opened the concert with a couple of songs in the usual Renaissance style that defines this group.  These pieces were followed by an interesting, more modern hymn that combined both Spanish and Latin in its beautiful text.  The second to last piece, “Spiritual,” was thematically more unique than most of the songs any of the choirs sing as its text and beautiful music were focused on social justice issues and the troubles that plague our world.  The Madrigals then brought the mood back up with a more upbeat love song, “Entarisi Ala Benziyor,” to end their portion of the concert.

    This concert is always unique because of the added performance by the Benet orchestra.  This year, the orchestra opened with “Brook Green Suite,” a piece with three movements which were all meant to invoke imagery of the English countryside.  The second piece, “Lady Gaga Fugue,” a less traditional piece, was fun play on Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” but with an added Baroque twist to the style.

    The junior and senior Concert Chorale began the last portion of the concert with “Laudate Pueri,” a piece composed by Mozart and performed with the orchestra.  “Being able to perform with the orchestra and adding this extra layer to the music made this piece the most exciting one to both perform and listen too,” says senior Morgan McAndrew.  Next, the women performed the traditional Irish folk song “Danny Boy,” and they were followed by the men’s religiously themed song “I Will Be There.” “Rytmus,” composed by a Slovic composer, was made up of simple, repetitive Latin text, but remained just as captivating with its fast and ever changing rhythms.  The concert closed with a striking contrast between “No Time,” an emotional, moving revival camp song about our journey to Heaven, and “Daniel, Daniel, Servant of the Lord,” an energetic American spiritual retelling the deliverance of Daniel in the lion’s den.

    As always, the choir concert was a night full of beautiful music with vocal and instrumental music for everyone to enjoy.  The final concert of the year will be held on May 21st and 22nd, sure to be another unique night of fun music!