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Along with the new freshman faces, there are some new faculty and staff. This year, we welcome six new members to the Benet Academy faculty and staff, including two members who have graduated from Benet.

Mr. Jorge Acosta, who previously worked in the athletics department as a coach, announcer, and assistant, is now also working in the Maintenance Department.

Ms. Claire Checovich is temporarily replacing Mrs. Sarah Patterson in the Physical Education Department, as Mrs. Patterson is on maternity leave. Ms. Checovich works part time at Molex, and she has worked at Marquette University in the Fitness Center and in Strength & Conditioning. She loves dogs, watching reruns of the TV show Parks & Recreation, and rock climbing. She is excited to help educate students about the finer points of exercise and change perceptions about exercise and strength training.

Ms. Claire Condon, Class of 2013, is excited to join the Office of Development in a newly created role, Campus Communications Coordinator. Last year, she worked in the Office of Development part time for consultation purposes. She is happy to be back with people whom she considers colleagues and friends. She’s the youngest of six kids who all went to Benet, and she’s related to another member of the faculty here, Mrs. Lauren Butera. In her free time, she loves to make and design crafts, shop, bake, practice calligraphy, and watch lots of Netflix.

Mrs. Sharon Oddo is a graduate from the Class of 1980. She took over the position of Director of Financial Services after Mrs. Barbara Sloan retired from the position last July. Previously, she worked at Providence Catholic High School for 17 years as Controller, which is a similar to her current Benet role. When she’s not working, she likes to ride on bike trails, attend classic rock concerts, read, and exercise. In her off time, she has also appeared as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show and rode a dog sled with a participant in the Alaskan Iditarod! Although much has changed since she was a student here, she is excited to be back at a school that meant so much to her.

Mrs. Maureen Scanlon may not be a Benet alum, but two of her children graduated from Benet, so she knows about the Benet experience. She previously worked at St. Petronille School in Glen Ellyn as a math and religion teacher. She also tutored students for the ACT and SAT. At Benet, she is a part-time Mathematics teacher of Algebra I. Outside of teaching, Mrs. Scanlon likes to spend time with her family, read, and watch the Chicago Cubs. When she has extra time, she loves learning new skills, like taking a Java programming course at the College of Dupage. She’s looking forward to working with students and seeing them learn and grow, especially in the faith.

Mr. Joe Sengel joined the Maintenance Department after previously coaching in the athletics department in football, basketball, and baseball. As a coach, he loves seeing the kids get excited and pumped up after making a great play. His favorite memory as a coach was at the semi-final football game against East St. Louis where during the first play of the game, Alec McEachern made a huge hit on the best player of the other team. The team and the crowd went crazy; he will never forget that moment. In his free time, he likes to go to the pool and hang out with his dog Reggie, who just turned seven. During the Cubs World Series winning season, he lived two blocks away from Wrigley Field, and he likes to think that the Cubs would not have won without him.

Br. Paul Ritt grew up in Lake Zurich. He attended St. Ambrose University and graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in Finance. He then received his M.N.A in Nonprofit Management from North Park University in 2016. He has taken his first vows and is now a Junior Monk. He has three more years of renewal before professing solemn vows at St. Procopius Abbey.
Br. Paul was first introduced to the Abbey by his mother who currently works at Benedictine University. “If it wasn’t for that introduction to monasticism, I would have had no idea monks actually exist. Knowing they exist made the choice actually possible to choose to become a monk rather than join another type of religious order. I was really attracted to having an Abbot and the stability of the monastery which is very unique to Monks. I believe our lives can realize thier potential only if we are willing to give up something.”
For the past year and a half Br. Paul has worked in the Principal’s Office, and this year he will also assist the Office of Development.

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