Sweet Treats for the Summer

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This summer, Benet students will finally have a chance to relax after a long year of hard work. There are three months of relaxation ahead of us, so we had better start planning what we want to do with our time off. So, if you are looking to escape the summer sun, then you have to check out the Tivoli Movie Theater and Everyday’s a Sundae Ice Cream Parlor, two cool establishments that will help you beat the heat this summer.

Located on Highland Avenue in Downers Grove, the Tivoli Theater is a classic cinema that is just five minutes away from Benet. The theater is steeped in history, having opened on Christmas Day in 1928 as one of the newest sound movie theaters in the nation to a crowd of 4,000. Willis Johnson then purchased the theater in 1976, making the Tivoli a family business for the next forty-two years. Today, the Tivoli’s history shines through as soon as you see it. With an old-fashioned marquee above the traditional box office, you feel as if you are stepping back in time to the golden age of movies. Then, when you cross the threshold, you see the concessions stand and the carpet-draped hallway that leads to the theater’s one screening room, an enormous and beautifully decorated theater dominated by the flashing screen. An organ stands to the right of the screen, prepared to pipe classic showtunes before the evening shows. This theater is an amazing treat for viewers looking to see the hottest releases this summer, a part of history that no movie-goer should pass up.

After the movie, while your mind is racing from every amazing and shocking memory, give yourself your just deserts by walking only a short way down the sidewalk to the quaint ice cream parlor Everyday’s a Sundae. Serving a variety of delicious ice cream flavors in cones and bowls, as well as their famous sundaes, this shop provides a homey and comfortable atmosphere to pick up a sweat treat after seeing your film. Like popcorn and movies, the Tivoli and its ice cream companion are an unbeatable duo this summer, serving up a great time to everyone who comes their way. Then, for even more fun, you can plan a night out at the lanes by going bowling at the Tivoli Theater’s adjoining bowling alley, Tivoli Bowl, a twelve-lane, family-friendly delight. As an added bonus, if you go to see a show at the movie theater, you can bring your ticket stub to the bowling alley to play your first game completely free.

Make sure to grab you friends and start thinking about when you want to visit the Tivoli, where you will have no shortage of ways to enjoy your summer.

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