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Avengers: Infinity War: A Film Ten Years in the Making

Giovanni Kozel

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Ten years ago, Marvel Studios released its first film, Iron Man, taking a gamble on a genre of movies that was arguably declining and considered half-hearted cash-grabs. Even more ambitious, Marvel was determined to try something that had never been attempted before, an idea that many called absurd at the time; they wanted to make all of their movies follow one larger storyline. This meant that not only would characters meet in future movies after their own films came out, but having each movie be part of a larger connected universe, where everything from a sense of continuity and reference to their other movies had to be balanced with a dedication to making each film feel original, creative, and well-done. No series of movies had ever tried to attempt this kind of self-awareness and sheer scope of story before, as Marvel became interested not only in its individual movies and their quality, but the larger narrative they were preparing, the greater and more complex story they wanted to tell. The movie industry had thought this kind of model would never work; they assumed that viewers would eventually become tired of this larger framework and it would collapse on itself. However, the experts and critics could never have been more wrong; over the course of ten years, the success and profit of Marvel has grown exponentially. The Disney-owned studio has raked in billions of dollars from their movies alone, not to mention the countless toys, clothes, and comic books that come along with these releases. Marvel has even overtaken Lucasfilm’s Star Wars as Disney’s most profitable franchise, conquering the film series that has existed for decades longer in only ten years. Now, after having shattered the original skepticism of their idea and proving the world wrong, Marvel has reached its endgame: Avengers: Infinity War. This is the third film of the Avengers series and the nineteenth Marvel movie since 2008’s Iron Man started it all, but more importantly, it is a milestone for the franchise. This movie is the culmination of all other releases, the carefully planned pinnacle that unites all the separate threads of Marvel’s different characters. Infinity War takes the typical idea of the third film in a series being the climatic end and elevates this excitement to another level of anticipation, as it is not only part of the climax of its own three films, but the climax of an entire universe. This makes Infinity War truly special, a film that not only has the potential to amaze viewers, but also smash the box office.

Not only has Marvel risen to outshine Lucasfilm as the top franchise of Disney’s arsenal, it has also snatched several world movie records from the sibling company. Infinity War has officially broken the world record for highest grossing opening weekend, making 257.8 million dollars at the box office over the course of three days and upending the previous record held by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Then, only eleven days later, the film had garnered over one billion dollars from ticket sales, again dethroning Force Awakens to become the fastest movie to cross the billion-dollar mark. Infinity War now sits as the highest grossing Marvel movie released to date, even topping Black Panther’s 1.34-billion-dollar profit with a mind-boggling 1.7 billion dollars, an enormous amount of money for a movie that has been out for such a short amount of time. However, there is one title that the third installment of the Avengers films cannot claim for all its astronomical figures: it has not defeated James Cameron’s Avatar as the highest grossing movie of all time, as Avatar rests atop a treasure trove of 2.788 billion dollars in total profit. The true test of this film will be to see if it can finally end the nine-year reign of its rival and take the ultimate crown of moviedom.

However, Avengers: Infinity War is not just another record-setting film or box office breaker. Instead, this film is both amazing as a movie and a milestone. First, examine the reviews of Infinity War: the third avengers installment has received an 84% rating from critic aggregator RottenTomatoes and a score of 8.8/10 from the International Movie Database. Unlike many superhero movies that feature character team-ups and interactions, Infinity War avoids the typical challenge of feeling bloated or unexciting, a problem many critics have had with the DC Comics release Justice League, meant to be a response to Infinity War. Because they had such a large cast of skilled and talented actors playing interesting characters, directors Anthony and Joe Russo strategically split their heroes up into different groups that shared equal screen time to keep scenes from feeling overcrowded. Also, this movie delivers Marvel’s trademark blend of suspense and comedy, as the Russo brothers masterfully go back and forth between laugh-out-loud jokes and dramatic interactions. Finally, to round out this quality film, the choreography and technical effects of the ever-important fights are flawless, as the editing and imaging departments deliver a gorgeous and realistic product that draws the audience in. Even for a casual theater-goer unfamiliar with Marvel, the third Avengers film provides a fun and thoroughly entertaining experience at the movies for everyone.

However, many of the most loyal fans to these movies are the most excited for this film, and they will not be disappointed by this culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For faithful viewers, the anticipated meeting between such groups as the Avengers, the Guardians of Galaxy, and the sorcerers of Doctor Strange is perfectly carried out, as directors Anthony and Joe Russo show great care in orchestrating these pivotal interactions. Also, the wait for the much-hinted villain Thanos, going all the way back to the post-credit scene of the very first Avengers, has also been worth it, as Josh Brolin delivers an amazing performance that makes the mad titan both awe-inspiring and three-dimensional. As the climax of a ten-year journey for Marvel fans, Infinity War provides a wonderful crystallization of the excitement of millions of viewers and their hopes for seeing all their favorite characters come together.

In short, Avengers: Infinity War is a monumental film, in terms of both its position as the crowning achievement of a bold experiment in filmmaking and a box office juggernaut that still has legs going forward. This is one film that no one should miss, as even though this summer has a multitude of other blockbusters waiting in the wings, no movie can come to match Infinity War.


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Avengers: Infinity War: A Film Ten Years in the Making