A Letter to the Editor: Celebrating Benet Christmas Traditions and Giving as Jesus Did

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December 12, 2017

Dear Staff and Editors of the Benet Herald,

A service project I love participating in that takes place during the Christmas season is the Benet Christmas Drive. Many people see Christmas as a day they receive gifts; however, the true purpose of Christmas is to give as Jesus did. An activity Benet Academy holds during the Christmas season is the Christmas Drive. For two weeks in December, teachers allow students to eat, drink, or participate in fun activities but the students must pay for it. All the money raised is donated to various charities or saved to use for Christmas Drive shopping day. The money saved for the Christmas Drive shopping is used to purchase groceries, clothes, and gifts for families who cannot afford them. Christmas Drive shopping day is my favorite day of the Christmas Drive because it provides me an opportunity to give back, creates an amazing community environment between both the students at Benet and those in the store, and it is fun! This past Saturday, I participated in the Christmas Drive shopping. My group was given a budget of $500 and we bought as many clothes, necessities, and gifts as we could. After wrapping all of the gifts, we personally delivered them to the family. Being able to give the supplies to the family myself made the experience so much more special. Seeing the look of happiness and thankfulness on the mother of our family’s face is something that I will never forget. The best gift that God gave me was the gift to give and the Christmas season is the perfect opportunity to use it.


Leah Monroe

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