Redwing Eats: Cookie Dough Creations

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Looking for a cool, unique place to go to with your friends after school? If so, then look no further than 22 Chicago Avenue in Naperville, the location of Redwing Eats’ featured eatery, Cookie Dough Creations.

Opened in 1994, Cookie Dough Creations has been a mainstay in downtown Naperville since its opening and specializes above all else in its namesake: edible cookie dough. By removing raw eggs from their recipe, Cookie Dough Creations creates a dough that is safe for consumers to eat and delicious to boot. Such flavors of cookie dough include flavors from classics such as chocolate chip and fudge brownie to exciting twists like turtle and peanut butter. In addition to these sweet treats, Cookie Dough Creations also sells twenty-four flavors of ice cream and baked cookies made from some of the raw doughs they also offer.

This unique concept has brought the store local and national attention. It has been featured on numerous television stations, including ABC, E! and the Food Network. In an interview with The Benet Herald, owner Jeff Schultz mentioned that, even in the company’s infancy, its cookie dough was always a hit with the customers. “For years – summer, fall, winter, spring – people just came here,” Schultz said. “It could be zero degrees outside, and [the customers would] be shivering, walking in the door not necessarily for the ice cream, but for the cookie dough ice cream combo.” Mr. Schultz worked at the adjoining shop to Cookie Dough Creations before buying the location eight years ago, citing its creative theme as a driving force for his purchase: “There’s nothing else like it. You can find the small cupcakes everywhere, specialty cookies and cakes, but no one had anything like this.” At its conception, Cookie Dough Creations was the first store to specialize in selling cookie dough in all the Chicagoland area.

When asked his favorite flavors of ice cream and cookie dough, Mr. Schultz strongly recommends the fudge brownie cookie dough and the Michigan Pothole ice cream. However, he does not recommend mixing the two together, stating that the combination has too much chocolate for the average visitor. If one is feeling adventurous enough to mix both the cookie dough and the ice cream, then he suggests getting Macinaw Island fudge ice cream and fudge brownie cookie dough, a delicious combination that is sure to astound.

So be sure to try this unique and fun ‘scoop of heaven,’ especially since now Benet students can purchase a mini-sized ice cream or cookie dough and receive a small instead when they show their school ID, letting them enjoy even more of the frozen treat for a great price. Remember to stop in to Cookie Dough Creations and be on the lookout for more Redwing Eats, dedicated to finding you the best places to eat close to Benet.

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