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A Play on the Wild Side

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Have you ever wondered what animals talk to each other about? Or how they spend their time when humans aren’t around? Well the Benet spring play, “Born to be Wild”, answered these questions. The show was a series of short skits, each of which focused on a type of animal and the kinds of things they do and talk about each day. From a praying manatee’s eating habits, to raccoons planning a heist, each skit captured the habits of each animal perfectly and never failed to make the audience laugh.

Marlo Viriña (‘19) most liked the fact that the show was centered on animals and not people. “In most shows you usually act as people. It was interesting to watch everyone act as an animal and see how they approached it. It was also the last curtain call for the some of the seniors and a really fun way to send them off.”

As an audience member, there were definitely a couple of moments that stood out. Any teenager in the crowd could relate to the young bat who got in trouble for staying out all day, sleeping all night, and not acting like a bat should. The ever present question of why deer always seem to run right out in front of your car was finally answered too. It’s because it’s just what brave deer do. They never cross the road until they see a car coming.

No matter what animal the students were, each one of them did an amazing job at taking on the characteristics associated with their animal. There were not many props or set pieces, but the students portrayed the animals so well that the props were not missed. Each skit made you wonder about what animals could be thinking or doing, and you’ll never know. “Born to be Wild” was a show that was different from all the other shows put on at Benet, but the interesting plots, hilarious jokes, and wonderful cast made it one that will always be remembered.

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A Play on the Wild Side