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Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

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Let’s take a moment to recall the most epic comeback in Super Bowl history; unless you’re a Falcons fan or just hate Tom Brady. Super Bowl LI is bound to go down in history as one of the greatest football games of all time. Each team had its share of cheers and groans but regardless of how you felt during the game, the super bowl commercials kept us laughing all the same. Some were profound and deep but others were lighthearted and straight up hilarious. Below is the top 5 commercials and a description of what made them so distinguished.

Kia “Hero’s Journey”
​Kia is known for integrating sports into their commercials; whether it be soccer or football or basketball, they incorporate it all. However, this year they took a different approach to show off their eco-friendly 2017 Niro crossover. Actress/comedian Melissa McCarthy posed as an environmentalist who is called to different parts of the world in order to save it. She is called to save the whales, the trees, the polar ice caps and the rhinos… but each mission goes haywire. This commercial is, without a doubt, the best Super Bowl LI commercial.

Buick “Big Game”
​These commercials always start out with a Buick pulling up and someone saying “That’s not a Buick”. This one started off a little differently and incorporated NFL quarterback Cam Newton. What do Cam Newton, Miranda Kerr and a Buick have in common? Nothing; but the commercial has them all! This commercial was eye catching when you see the NFL player pushing over little kids and one goes flying through the end zone. One of the funniest parts is at the very end when the coach morphs into supermodel Miranda Kerr. Right after he morphs into her, the ref runs by, sees her, then runs into a table and wipes out. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

Tide “No Stain Deserves Fame”
​If the names Terry Bradshaw, Rob Gronkowski or Jeffrey Tambor don’t ring a bell then this commercial might not be as humorous but, nonetheless, it’s still amusing. Parts one and two of this three commercial series began before Super Bowl Sunday, but it had to be included! In the Buick commercial, an NFL player was pushing over little kids; in this one, an NFL player is running a dry cleaner. That in and of itself is comical but the fact that Gronk destroys Tambor’s shirt is even better! In case you don’t understand why he ripped the sleeves off, he is known for wearing shirts without any sleeves. In part three of three, Terry Bradshaw has to find a way to get his stain out before going on air, and he runs onto the field while the Super Bowl is being played.

Snickers “Live Commercial”
​I doubt anything is more awkward than messing up during a live performance. Now imagine if you messed up during a live commercial… a live Super Bowl commercial. The commercial is comically uncomfortable in the best way. Snickers commercials always find movie scenes to mimic and this commercial went for the overall Wild West genre, which was pretty funny. The best part was when Adam Driver (who ruined the commercial) forgot to shoot the bad guys so they awkwardly just said their last few lines and died without him even touching them. Now, instead of using their famed punch line “You’re not you when you’re hungry”, they altered it to fit into the Super Bowl by saying “You ruin live Super Bowl commercials when you’re hungry”. Snickers continues to live up to their enjoyable commercial standards.

It’s a 10 Haircare “Bad Hair”
​Now all political differences aside… this was a funny in an almost-serious-way type of commercial. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, you can’t deny Donald Trump’s hair problem. This commercial poked fun at the newbie president’s hair and said we have to make up for it by having great hair. It was a little like the Snickers commercial in the way that it was uncomfortable at times. Some of the pictures were funny and others… we just wanted to get on with the commercial. However, they were crafty in the way they used Donald Trump: “we’re in for at least four years of terrible hair…let’s make sure these next four years are it’s a 10 year”. That was probably one of the wittiest Super Bowl commercials and thus deserved the last spot on this list.

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Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials