Nuclear Science Club: You Bring the Radioactive Isotopes, They Bring the Party

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Juniors Kevin O’ Sullivan and Cate Stoppelman, co-created Benet’s Nuclear Science Club. The club was created due to a lack of Nuclear Science in Chemistry class; the Nuclear Science unit was self-taught because class time could not be spent on Nuclear Science, and this sorely disappointed O’Sullivan and some of his fellow students who were interested in nuclear science. O’Sullivan, Stoppelman and some of their classmates decided to make the Nuclear Science club.

According to O’Sullivan, the Nuclear Science club’s goal is to “learn, discuss and promulgate the innumerable aspects of Nuclear Science in everyday society. Additionally, we seek to promote the pragmatic nature of nuclear energy.” The club meets every other Tuesday morning in Dr. Lisa Riedy’s room, S207, at 7:15. At these meetings, the club discusses recruitment, future events, and the possibility of a model nuclear reactor. “Our club differentiates from most other clubs because of its unique subject matter which is not offered even by other science based clubs,” says O’Sullivan on the club.

“Benet students should come to Nuclear Science club if they do not understand or want to learn more about the role of Nuclear Physics in contemporary society. Furthermore, they should understand that they need little science background to contribute to the club.” If you are interesting in Nuclear Science or in building a model nuclear reactor, consider joining the Nuclear Science club, new members are always welcome!

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